What We Do


  • To establish and grow your business
  • To define and develop your brand
  • Create the concepts to sell and produce the creative
  • Find and engage your target market(s)

For when you need creative and marketing expertise plus the hands-on production to grow your business, look to Davies Slate to be your marketing project manager . (We do more than advise what to do—we do it!) Davies Slate works mostly in the Greater Toronto Area and Niagara, but also in the US, across Canada, and abroad. We specialize in health, wellness, well-being, and relationship (weddings!), family, and self-care/beauty topics.

The elevator pitch:  in-house marketing department, social media manager, writer, designer, and your own personal ad agency—all rolled into one.

We’re happy to help with your marketing direction and day-to-day support collateral–on big or small jobs. (We offer project prices unless you’re on retainer.). You may need blogs, releases, leaflets, speeches—or not be sure what you need. From e-books, to social media, newsletters, and websites —just ask. We deliver personal touch creative thinking to Canadian and international clients.

  • Market Development
  • Copywriting
  • Newsletters & Blogs—from start to finish— are specialties!
  • Design, Art & Creative Direction

For the limited number of clients on retainer, we meet all your day-to-day needs so you can grow your biz with “your” own  in-house marketing department/ad agency at your fingertips. And this includes all emails and requests for information and what next calls. This is perfect for solopreneurs and new businesses on a budget.

For over 25 years, Davies Slate has worked with international and small business, government, name brand creative agencies, and publishers. Ask Davies Slate (Contact Kathleen) for expert help where and when you need it most.

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How do we work?

Quick turn around creative  when you need to get the word out.

Experienced guiding and growing established and new biz clients.

On starter projects, we create or redefine your brand as weMagazine article develop and package the best approach to promote your offer to reach customers.

Ask for help. We will if we can.Creating A Functional Board

Whether you need branding/promoting or market and business development —please call on our hands-on expertise and creative guidance.

p.s. Retainers are the budget-friendliest rates!