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From A to W (ads to websites) Always more than you ask for

Support Social

Take it off your list and put it on ours.

Social media, blogs, content, award-winning newsletters, and maintenance—Gabbymag.com pic

We’ll take care of it:

We’ll identify your marketing goals and

  • create a strategy to engage
  • develop your social media accounts
  • maintain an active and engaging presence, and
  • monitor and report

We provide original content to keep your blog active and engaging, or we’re happy to work with you to utilize/edit your drafts. A blog helps you relate to your client/business base and keep your customers intrigued and coming back.

Choose the option that suits you
Most clients opt for Basic Premium/Bare Minimum. This is not a contradiction in terms. Basic Premium covers original content and content curated on a two-platform level. This may be sufficient for your needs. Most choose to blog and Twitter or Pinterest.

Basic Premium to maintain and build your SEO and presence with a social media platform  (the most budget-friendly) may be all that you need. We also offer Basic Premium Plus.

Email newsletter specialists
While you’re at it, ask about our stellar email newsletter craft service, which achieves excellent (and prize-winning!) open rates and responses for clients. We will create, write, design, and produce newsletters to reach out to and maintain ongoing contact and a selling link with your clients or customers.

Whether you’re a new brand or growing—we deliver more than you ask for—for far less than you might expect.

Please email or call for a quote, or to talk to Kathleen: 905 732 4761


We work with companies across North America, and in Europe for select online clients.



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