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  • Market & Customer Development
  • Writing & Creative
  • Newsletters and Blogs
  • Design & Production
  • Social Media Content and Management
  • Email Newsletters (we specialize)
  • Web Content/Site Development/Upkeep
  • Collateral Marketing Materials
  • Manuals and Handbooks/Instructions
  • Trade Show Prep and Handouts
  • Advertising–Online and Off
  • Magazine & Book Publishing—Online and Off
  • Video Scripts and Speeches
  • Events-Banners/Email invites/Handouts

We work per project or on retainer

Whether you’re in starter or expansion mode, or just ticking along, we help brand your market and market your brand. (No entrepreneur is too new or too small.)

Marketing on-Call means we’re at your beck and call (within limits!) for a small monthly retainer, plus fees are discounted at 50%. Typical projects to keep you in front of and grow your client base may include social media management, blog originals, content curation, newsletters—ad campaigns, brochures, and site updates.

Since we’re familiar with your business and needs, we function like your in-house marketing department/ad agency/editorial and design team/social media manager… or your think tank, all rolled into one budget-friendly, responsive package.

Reach more customers

  • Keep in touch with your customers and grow with Creative Reach—
  • Boost online profile, client contact, and business development

Choose Creative Reach Basic Premium or Pro Plus or customize for your needs

Ken Davies PhotoWhy choose Marketing-on-Call?

You benefit because our work for you is at an excellent rate and we’re there whether you need support or quick, productive action.

We benefit because we only provide our versatile marketing, design, and editorial services to a limited number of clients for this program—so we can schedule efficiently to meet your needs with a faster-than-usual turnaround.

Helps you budget

For Marketing-on-Call clients, we charge less and do more for a basic rate. We don’t keep tabs and charge you by the minute for every call and email. Included will be about four to six hours per month—to handle ongoing business questions, emails, and your questions and to keep on top of what you need to do to grow your business.

This focused flexibility means we’re able to meet the demands of your unexpected events, deadlines, and respond when you needThe Book of Cathy an update asap.

If you need more than this, choose a light program/block of time of 10 hours per month, 15 hours, or 20—additional time is invoiced at a 50% discount of the standard rate for the project. Ten hours is often sufficient to create and maintain a light social media presence and originate a monthly blog piece for you. One of the best ways to keep your name and services in front of your clients is a newsletter—a monthly or bi-weekly issue can often be included for 15-hour block clients.

Marketing-on-Call defined

  • We’re there when you have questions, dilemmas, or need results.
  • You save on time and discounts on all we do for you.
  • We charge hourly (mostly!) instead of by project for creativity for On-Call clients.
    It’s more economic.
  • We know your business and can work faster.
  • You don’t wait for R&D for every job.
  • All emails, texts, and client calls are covered by the monthly retainer
  • Start with a minimum two-month retainer period, so you’ll know if we work well together, and we’ll know how much creative or marketing work your business requires to develop your brand and meet your needs.  (it’s not only a matter of time spent).Marketing Leadership Training

p.s. Marketing-on-Call/Creative Reach is restricted to a limited number of clients.
(There are only so many hours in a day!)

Please connect for a quote or with the specifics of your project or task.


p.s. If you prefer to meet face-to-face, we’re located in the GTA/Niagara area.


We work in Ontario (mostly), but also have clients coast-to-coast/and work online throughout North America and in Europe for select customers.

We have worked for TD Bank, Bell, Air Canada, Hydro One, GEC, CIL, Apotex, CBC, and Scotiabank, major publishers, and companies from owner-operated startups to multinationals.