Successful leaders drive success because of their people

Leadership Tips from the Financial Post for small to medium-sized companies

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Marty Parker, who founded Waterstone Human Capital in 2003, and the Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures program two years later, is one of the most recognized and respected experts on human capital, leadership and winning cultures. Author of the recently published book, Culture Connection: How Developing a Winning Culture Will Give Your Organization a Competitive Advantage, Mr. Parker recently shared some advice and insights on leadership and organizational culture for small to mid-sized companies with Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco.

QWe live in times of change, what are the top new HR challenges small to mid-sized companies face as a result and what can business owners do to address them?

A Today, brand is culture and culture is brand. Anyone, whether they are a supplier, customer, a prospective employee or a competitor, can easily find former or current employees and have a discussion with them on social media. So the things…

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